Cholesterol Lowering Drugs – 3 Different Heart Medications Compared

Cholesterol lowering drugs are very important for people suffering from high cholesterol. If your doctor has advised you to lower your cholesterol, you are not alone. Every year, thousands of people are told that their cholesterol is too high.

You can make big changes to your life by eating healthy foods, but your mission to control your cholesterol is not complete without the right drugs. Cholesterol medications are very common these days, so let us explore the drugs your doctor might prescribe to you.

1. Statins are the most common drugs on the market. They are relatively new to the market, and physicians rave about the effectiveness of these drugs. They alter the liver production of cholesterol, and they are relatively safe. People with any types of liver problems should avoid these drugs.

2. Selective cholesterol absorption inhibitors are the newest drugs on the market. Your doctor might prescribe these drugs if your LDL cholesterol is too high.

3. Resins are another common drug that also lowers your LDL cholesterol. When you take resins, the drug helps the liver dispose of more cholesterol. Cholesterol makes bile, and bile will help you digest food. You cannot take resins and digest food at the same time. They are not recommended for people with digestive problems.

These are just some of the cholesterol lowering drugs on the market. All of these drugs have side effects. For that reason, I recommend that you buy natural cholesterol control supplements to help you control cholesterol in your body. Natural remedies can work just as well as cholesterol medications, and they do not have all of the side effects of expensive medications.


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