About Sacred Heart Diet (Sacred Heart Medical Diet)

This diet has a program of seven days where each day the dieter will be eating different food, at the same time eating the sacred heart soup.

This diet has claimed to be making the dieter loose about seven to 10 pounds in seven days. Apart from that, the diet would have some detoxification effect on the dieter’s body. However, the weight loss of the dieter could be temporary if the dieter does not have proper diet after having this weight loss diet. The reason is most of the pound that loose is water weight.

There are saying that this diet is originated from Sacred Heart Memorial Hospital. Nevertheless, the hospital denied the saying and issuing statement not recommending this diet.

For the people who wants to lose seven to 10 pounds in seven days. This is the recommended diet. But this type of diet should not be practiced as part of every day lifestyle.

To practice this diet, the sacred heart soup has to be prepared before starting of the diet. There are a few ways to prepare the soup. The ingredients of the soup are mainly vegetables, celery, tomato, beans carrots, and mushrooms. Some onion, bell pepper, herbs and spices would be added to the soup for flavor and taste. The prepared soup is to be eaten in seven days with some solid foods recommended in the meal plan.

There are always pros and cons while taking any diet. This diet is not exceptional. It is always best to consult your physical health care practitioner on individual’s suitability before picking up any weight loss diet.

Some of the risks and disadvantage for the diet are restricting of foods on each day. This may make the dieter taking not enough nutrition during the diet period.

This diet does not recommending any exercise. Generally, exercise is an essential fraction of any weight loss program.

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