10 Tips to Lower Blood Pressure (Part Two)

Tip no6. Lemon balm tea is sure to strengthen your heart by lowering blood pressure. Just have some cups of it daily or simply add its fresh leaves to whatever food or drink you are having. Try adding such leaves in your wine and better still in your salads.

Tip no7. Being in the standards of the BMI (body mass index) really helps control the blood pressure. This means that an obese person getting fat is increasing the risk of having high blood pressure, but also that an underweight person gaining healthy weight is actually diminishing his chances of a heart stroke. Even if it does seem to be an elementary concern, take this advice into consideration: do keep a closer look on your body mass!

Tip no8. Alcohol will usually determine an augmentation of the blood pressure. Alcohol abuse is therefor out of question for those interested in a healty circulatory system. A man should stay between normal standards of drinks per day, that is to say 12 servings of beer, or 5 glasses of whine or only one glass of a high alcohol drink. As for ladies or lighter weighing persons, they should stick to drinking at most one of these measures per day.

Tip no9. You also have to work out more in order to control your blood pressure. Consider taking a nice walk of about half an hour every day, or choose to swim or run. Outdoor activities will strengthen your heart up and exercise will lower your blood pressure.

Tip no10. This last tip is a basic common sense rule that still tends to be neglected: Always keep a balanced diet! People oversee this on many occasions, be it by force of events or simply out of carelessness. Consider missing meals for example: this determines increased apetite and eventually leads to overeating or consuming junk food. Meals should be balanced, never with too much of some nutriments. For example, when eating something with lots of fats, combine it with something else, less rich in fats. It’s as simple as that. You know, it’s not true what they say that you are what you eat, but it’s a proven fact that what you eat makes up for much of your health and your well or, not so well being.

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