Day: July 17, 2018

Sacred Heart Medical Diet

The Sacred Heart Medical Diet is a soup based diet that has gotten a bad name as potentially being a “fad” diet. The core structure of the diet is its focus on healthy and filling foods to push the dieter into a better state of health to proceed from. Not only does the diet encourage a shift toward fruit and vegetable consumption, but it’s reliance on soup keeps you full at all times. Weight loss potential on this diet is significant, but not overly optimistic. Most dieters see around 10 pounds of weight loss in the 7 days they engage in the program, with some reaching loss targets as high as 17 pounds.

The linchpin of this diet is the heart vegetable soup that is the focus of every meal. Heavily reliant on tomatoes, onions, celery, green beans, carrots, and green peppers, the soup that you eat everyday in unlimited quantities keeps you always feeling full and loads you down with vital nutrients. The high water content of the foods and naturally, the soup, helps to cleanse your system of toxins along with heavy fats and proteins from your body. Fruits and vegetables are interchanged daily as another unlimited food source to help stave off boredom with the soup, and force you into getting a maximum dose of natural nutrients that a normal diet may be short-changing you on.

Days 5 and 6 allow you to add beef back into your diet so that you can maintain a healthy protein level, and your last day, day 7, finishes you out on brown rice to return your non-refined carbohydrate level. You can use this diet as often as you like, but like anything, it is most effective with a tendency toward moderation. Overall, the variety allowed with this diet is enough to keep almost anyone from getting bored with the staple soup.

The diet works by virtue of its tendency to cleanse your system and the balance that the soup creates to your caloric load. A portion of the weight you lose is due to the buildup of garbage in your GI tract that the cleanse frees you of, and the bulk of the weight you lose comes from the negative calorie nature of the soup you are required to eat throughout the week. At the end you are left lighter, refreshed, and ready to begin anew with a clean body!