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Heart Burn and Indigestion

There are many people who suffer from the symptoms of heart burn and indigestion. These symptoms may result from the foods we eat, the beverages we drink or our lifestyles, but symptoms of burn heart indigestion may also be related to other medical conditions and chronic symptoms should be reported to your doctor. Choosing a burn heart medication is a choice to be made by you and your doctor. Here is a look at some of the common heart burn medications and the side effects associated with them.

One of the most highly advertised heart burn medications is Prevacid. Prevacid burn heart medication should not be used by persons with liver disease or certain allergies. You have probably seen the commercials and may have heard the side effects associated with this popular treatment for burn heart indigestion. If your heart burn symptoms are mild, the side effects may not seem worth it. Constipation or diarrhea may occur when using Prevacid.

Another common burn heart medication is Pepcid. It should not be used by persons with liver problems, kidney disease, stomach cancer or those with certain allergies. Side effects that may be experienced include headache, constipation, diarrhea or dizziness. There are serious side effects that are rare, but have occurred in persons using Pepcid to treat burn heart indigestion symptoms.

Prilosec is a prescription medication used to treat heart burn symptoms. Users of this burn heart medication may experience constipation, cough, dizziness or back pain.

Any over the counter or prescription burn heart medication may cause unwanted side effects. Only you and your doctor can decide if the benefits outweigh the possible risks. The symptoms of burn heart indigestion may be relieved by certain botanicals or health supplements and possibly prevented changing the diet and lifestyle.

Some people who experience chronic symptoms of burn heart indigestion have other more serious diseases which may not be relieved by changes in eating habits or lifestyle. These include acid reflux disease, hiatal hernia and diseases of the esophagus. In addition, any non-burning chest pain, pressure, heaviness or nausea associated with chest pain could be related to the heart, rather than the throat and stomach. It is important to err on the side of caution whenever chest pain is involved. It could be simple burn heart indigestion or something much more serious.


Cholesterol Lowering Drugs – 3 Different Heart Medications Compared

Cholesterol lowering drugs are very important for people suffering from high cholesterol. If your doctor has advised you to lower your cholesterol, you are not alone. Every year, thousands of people are told that their cholesterol is too high.

You can make big changes to your life by eating healthy foods, but your mission to control your cholesterol is not complete without the right drugs. Cholesterol medications are very common these days, so let us explore the drugs your doctor might prescribe to you.

1. Statins are the most common drugs on the market. They are relatively new to the market, and physicians rave about the effectiveness of these drugs. They alter the liver production of cholesterol, and they are relatively safe. People with any types of liver problems should avoid these drugs.

2. Selective cholesterol absorption inhibitors are the newest drugs on the market. Your doctor might prescribe these drugs if your LDL cholesterol is too high.

3. Resins are another common drug that also lowers your LDL cholesterol. When you take resins, the drug helps the liver dispose of more cholesterol. Cholesterol makes bile, and bile will help you digest food. You cannot take resins and digest food at the same time. They are not recommended for people with digestive problems.

These are just some of the cholesterol lowering drugs on the market. All of these drugs have side effects. For that reason, I recommend that you buy natural cholesterol control supplements to help you control cholesterol in your body. Natural remedies can work just as well as cholesterol medications, and they do not have all of the side effects of expensive medications.


About Sacred Heart Diet (Sacred Heart Medical Diet)

This diet has a program of seven days where each day the dieter will be eating different food, at the same time eating the sacred heart soup.

This diet has claimed to be making the dieter loose about seven to 10 pounds in seven days. Apart from that, the diet would have some detoxification effect on the dieter’s body. However, the weight loss of the dieter could be temporary if the dieter does not have proper diet after having this weight loss diet. The reason is most of the pound that loose is water weight.

There are saying that this diet is originated from Sacred Heart Memorial Hospital. Nevertheless, the hospital denied the saying and issuing statement not recommending this diet.

For the people who wants to lose seven to 10 pounds in seven days. This is the recommended diet. But this type of diet should not be practiced as part of every day lifestyle.

To practice this diet, the sacred heart soup has to be prepared before starting of the diet. There are a few ways to prepare the soup. The ingredients of the soup are mainly vegetables, celery, tomato, beans carrots, and mushrooms. Some onion, bell pepper, herbs and spices would be added to the soup for flavor and taste. The prepared soup is to be eaten in seven days with some solid foods recommended in the meal plan.

There are always pros and cons while taking any diet. This diet is not exceptional. It is always best to consult your physical health care practitioner on individual’s suitability before picking up any weight loss diet.

Some of the risks and disadvantage for the diet are restricting of foods on each day. This may make the dieter taking not enough nutrition during the diet period.

This diet does not recommending any exercise. Generally, exercise is an essential fraction of any weight loss program.

Hard-Hearted Medical Care

Many people experience the medical profession as sadly lacking in heart, money-hungry rather than placing a sincere care for patients’ well-being at the top of their priorities.

Just the other day I ran into a vivid example of why MDs suffer the fallout of their unconsciously hard-sell approach.

I called a local medical office I was referred to by a friend and was shocked by the rude lack of care in the outgoing phone message.

Follow along with me and imagine how you would feel when you phone the doctor’s office and the phone message is, “If you are a physician or hospital press one. If you need our address or fax number press two. If you need medical records press three. If you have billing inquiries press four. If you are a patient and wish to make, change or cancel an appointment press five. If you need to speak with a medical practitioner press six.”

How do you feel when you realize that you, as a patient, rank at the very bottom of the doctor’s priorities?

Bad enough. But it gets worse. When I requested an appointment for Jim (who’d had a couple of peculiar fainting episodes), the woman at the appointment desk said, “We can’t make an appointment without a referral.” I said that we’d been referred by someone who worked for the medical school and was not an MD. “As I said, we can’t make an appointment without a referral.”

So I said, “Okay, I’m a psychologist. I have a PhD. Can I make the referral and describe the symptoms in my referral?” “Yes. The fax number is xxx-xxx-xxxx.”

So I wrote up the referral and faxed it in – not mentioning that the patient was my husband, of course.

When I called back to make the appointment I was struck by the blind bureaucracy running the place. Why? Because, even though I am not an MD, my referral counted. It was all about bureaucratic protocol.

And then for the next shock. We couldn’t get an appt for 2 ½ months. When I complained that having to wait that long was completely unacceptable, no one suggested the possibility of seeing any other of the MDs who worked in that office.

So we called our friend who’d made the referral, and through his influence, we were able to get an appointment just three days later.

Hard sell, buyer-beware business tactics don’t just belong to the realm of finance and real estate. It’s lurking all around us, ready to be brought to light and transformed for the benefit of all.


Important Information About High Blood Pressure And Heart Medication

Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) is the principal cause of premature death in the United Kingdom, United States, and many other Western Countries. Statistics published by the British Heart Foundation indicate that it is the primary cause of mortality listed in more than one in three death certificates (36%) in the United Kingdom. Similarly, historical information from the American Heart Association from 2004, concludes that over 79 million Americans have one or more forms of cardiovascular disease. The statistics are truly amazing – In the UK, around 227,000 people suffer a heart attack each year. Someone has a heart attack every two minutes, and in about 30% of heart attacks, the patients die. This represents over 68,000 deaths annually in the UK alone, or the equivalent of 1,300 Boeing 747 crashes with no survivors!

The term cardiovascular covers two distinct and separate aspects of the disease; coronary heart disease (which may lead to a heart attack or myocardial infarction) and stroke.

Risk Factors

There are extensive clinical and statistical studies which indicate that there are certain factors which significantly increase the risk of coronary heart disease and heart attack. These are known as major risk factors.

There are two different types of major risk factors – those that can, and those that cannot be changed or ameliorated by lifestyle changes.

The major risks that cannot be altered or modified include aging, gender, and hereditary genetic disposition. Alternatively there are many major risk factors which can be treated or improved by various methods which the individual, in conjunction with their healthcare provider, can instigate. These risks include use of tobacco products, high blood cholesterol, lack of physical exercise, obesity, and high blood pressure. The remainder of this article will focus on treatment of the latter.

The dangers of high blood pressure (hypertension)

High blood pressure is often referred to as the “silent killer”, due to its lack of overtly obvious external symptoms. However it quietly carries out its stealth attack on the body’s vital organs damaging them for years before symptoms develop. Left undiagnosed and uncontrolled, it can cause disability, a poor quality of life or even death from a fatal heart attack. The management of high blood pressure is therefore a key defence in the battle against heart disease.

When the body absorbs too much salt through excessive intake, this can cause a deterioration in health through a variety of conditions, principally through raised blood pressure (hypertension), but also for example through kidney problems. Hyzaar is a drug that prevents fluid retention in the body’s tissues, which explain its colloquial designation as a “water pill”.

Information about Hyzaar Blood Pressure Medication

Hyzaar medication is a combination medication used for the treatment of high blood pressure. It consists of two separate drugs that are blended together. These are:-

  • Losartan
  • Hydrochlorothiazide

Losartan belongs to a contemporary class of blood pressure medications that prevents the hormone angiotensin II from contracting the blood vessels. This in turn allows blood to flow more efficiently, which can assist with maintaining control over the patient’s blood pressure.

Hydrochlorothiazide is a diuretic that increases the elimination of urine, which has the overall effect of removing fluid from the body and as a result, the patient’s blood pressure is lowered.

Sacred Heart Medical Diet

The Sacred Heart Medical Diet is a soup based diet that has gotten a bad name as potentially being a “fad” diet. The core structure of the diet is its focus on healthy and filling foods to push the dieter into a better state of health to proceed from. Not only does the diet encourage a shift toward fruit and vegetable consumption, but it’s reliance on soup keeps you full at all times. Weight loss potential on this diet is significant, but not overly optimistic. Most dieters see around 10 pounds of weight loss in the 7 days they engage in the program, with some reaching loss targets as high as 17 pounds.

The linchpin of this diet is the heart vegetable soup that is the focus of every meal. Heavily reliant on tomatoes, onions, celery, green beans, carrots, and green peppers, the soup that you eat everyday in unlimited quantities keeps you always feeling full and loads you down with vital nutrients. The high water content of the foods and naturally, the soup, helps to cleanse your system of toxins along with heavy fats and proteins from your body. Fruits and vegetables are interchanged daily as another unlimited food source to help stave off boredom with the soup, and force you into getting a maximum dose of natural nutrients that a normal diet may be short-changing you on.

Days 5 and 6 allow you to add beef back into your diet so that you can maintain a healthy protein level, and your last day, day 7, finishes you out on brown rice to return your non-refined carbohydrate level. You can use this diet as often as you like, but like anything, it is most effective with a tendency toward moderation. Overall, the variety allowed with this diet is enough to keep almost anyone from getting bored with the staple soup.

The diet works by virtue of its tendency to cleanse your system and the balance that the soup creates to your caloric load. A portion of the weight you lose is due to the buildup of garbage in your GI tract that the cleanse frees you of, and the bulk of the weight you lose comes from the negative calorie nature of the soup you are required to eat throughout the week. At the end you are left lighter, refreshed, and ready to begin anew with a clean body!

How To Do The Sacred Heart Medical Diet

There are so many diet plans out there claiming to be able to help you lose weight. The Sacred Heart Medical Diet is one of them. This diet claims to have been used at a cardiology department of a hospital in North America. It was supposedly first used for overweight and obese patients. This diet is soup heavy and claims that you’ll be able to lose over 10 pounds in a week.

The Sacred Heart Medical Diet is a 7 day diet plan that can be repeated as needed. This diet is not recommended by nutritionists and medical doctors. The hospital in Canada where the diet got it’s name claims no association with the Sacred Heart Medical Diet.

Day 1 of the Sacred Heart Medical Diet is fruit and soup day. You can only eat fruits and soup on this first day of the diet. You can choose any fruits low in calorie like watermelons. The only fruit you can’t consume today are bananas. You can eat as much low calorie fruit as you want on this day.

Day 2 is vegetable diet. Eat as much green leafy vegetables as you want cooked the way you want. Eat soup also. You need to have a baked potato with butter come dinner time. You can’t consume fruits today.

Day 3 of the Sacred Heart Medical Diet allows you to eat all the fruits, soup and green leafy vegetables as you want. You have to stay away from baked potatoes on this day though.

Day 4 is banana day. You have to eat at least 3 bananas today. You should also consume milk on this day. Drink as much milk and consume as much soup as you can.

Day 5 is beef and tomatoes day. You can have 20 ounces of beef and 6 ripe tomatoes today. You will still have to consume soup.

Day 6 allows you to eat beef. You can eat as much beef and green leafy vegetables today. You can even have steak if you want. You have to remember to eat soup even once today.

Day 7 allows you to consume rice just as long as it is brown rice. You can also eat cooked vegetables until you’re full. Eat as much soup as you can too.

This concludes the 7 day Sacred Heart Medical Diet. You can try it and see if it works for you.

The Dangers of Smoking and Pregnancy

Even though pregnancy is a natural condition, women should be aware of the risks that pregnancy may face and also they need to be always in touch with their doctor in order to have an uncomplicated pregnancy and a healthy baby. In addition to this, pregnant women should avoid certain things that may harm their baby’s life.

For example, smoking is a dangerous habit that not only is harmful for adults but also the health of the unborn babies can be seriously affected. Moreover, smoking during pregnancy is related with premature delivery, breathing problems and severe disease among children, such as asthma.

Furthermore, a woman should think better before having a baby and try to quit certain bad habits, such as drinking alcohol, medicines which may harm the baby and moreover smoking. What is more is that pregnancy is a great moment for quitting smoking in order to prevent future tobacco-related health complications, such as lung and heart disfunctions and even cancer.

Even though, the future mother reduces the frequency of smoking, the danger is still present for the unborn baby. So, by reducing the number of cigarettes, a pregnant woman tends to inhale more deeply and take more puffs to get the same amount of nicotine as before.

Much more, by smoking, the nicotine and carbon monoxide reach not only to the mother’s body but also the baby through the placenta. This nocive substances prevent the fetus from getting the nutrients and oxygen needed to grow. Much more, the baby can take the nicotine from the breast milk and in some cases, smoke can lead to severe complications.

Taking all these into consideration, a future mother should be aware and informed regarding all the things that may harm her pregnancy. A proper healty life and the lack of smoking and alcohol is important to preven the risks that dangerous substances may cause to the mother and the unborne baby.

Is This The Best Weight Loss Supplement Available Today?

People who are trying to lose weight have often tried many various methods to shed the pounds. No matter what they try though, the weight just will not come off. Does this sound familiar to you? If so, you should definitely consider this healthy new weight loss supplement called Lipitrex.

Lipitrex has a 4-in1 forumla which helps with, the controlling of appetite, the decreasing of fat, the increasing of metabolism, and the increasing of energy. It is also 100% natural, with all 10 ingredients combining to produce a product which promotes healthy fat loss.

You are probably wondering what exactly are these 10 ingredients of lipitrex. So here they are:

Vitamin B5 – To burn dietary fats and carbohydrates.

Vitamin B6 – Encourages fats and proteins to work more efficiently.

Caffeine – Enhances metabolism by burning fatty acids for energy.

Chronium – Aids the burning of fat and promotes lean body tissue.

Magnesium – Helps to energise the body.

Citrus Aurantium extract – Helps to increase metabolism. Also increases the rate at which fat is released from the body.

Plinnothin – Stimulates the release of hunger suppressing hormones.

Conjugated Linoleic Acid – Interferes with the enzymes responsible for depositing and storing fat. Also helps decrease abdominal fat, and build lean body tissue.

Licorice extract – Supresses adominal fat and has anti-diabetic qualities.

Guarana extract – Promotes fat and weight loss.

Lipitrex has beeen specifically designed using these ingredients to give the product optimal fat loss performance. Also because all the ingredients are 100% natural it does not come with the side effects that other weight loss supplements have, such as, nervousness, tremors, diarrhea, and a racing heart.

The product is easy to adminster, with 3 capsules needed to be taken a day. For optimal reults it is recommended that Lipitrex is taken for an 8 – 12 week period. When combined with exercise and a healty diet, Lipitrex can help you lose the weight you have always wanted to get rid of.

Love, Life and Laughter

Essential Ingredients to Good Health!

Love, Life & Laughter – Sounds wonderful doesn’t it?

Have you ever really thought about the true meaning of each of these valuable words; in your words only; solely relating to you.

Let us exam “Love” first. I believe, and you would probably have to agree, you can’t have Life and Laughter successfully without the most important “Love”.

To Love is to be Loved first. You know the saying “Love, love your brother, as much as you love yourself”. Well it is true. If you don’t LIKE who you are, which really is a stronger verb than LOVE then you really have less chance of liking or loving someone else very much at all. So how do we do this ‘LOVE YOURSELF’ or ‘LIKE YOURSELF’ thing successfully.

First and foremost you must make sure the relationship you have with yourself is unconditional. Don’t BEAT yourself up over small insignificant things. None of us are perfect – all of us have faults, just some more than others. We must learn to accept every aspect of “ME” (YOU) – every simple tiny detail. We don’t necessarily have to like everything, as that allows room for a CHANGE – IMPROVEMENT even. That’s a good thing; a Healthy Thing.

“Love doesn’t erase the past, but it makes the future different.” as quoted by Gary Chapman in THE FIVE LOVE LANGUAGES. Therefore be open to the fact that you will perform acts you utterly dislike about yourself and regret will be a major possibility, but if you recognise these acts and forgive yourself of them, then you will be able to move forward, thus making your future different. We must Learn from our Mistakes and make every mistake benefit our future. Don’t waste mistakes with regret – prosper with excitement of a lesson learnt improving everything in your path for tomorrow. Life really is an amazing adventure and if we look at every moment of it with excitement, even in the tough times, we will succeed.

So accept yourself unconditionally, love yourself unconditionally, & enjoy your life unconditionally. This brings me to the next point.

‘LIFE’ – Fun, Disaster, enjoyment, disappointment, laughter etc. etc. As different a life each one of us has from the other, we all experience many different angles to many different situations. How we deal with those completely satisfying or disastrous situations is the crucial point to the destiny of our “LIFE”!

A positive outlook on a negative situation can only make the unwanted, hard to deal with situation, much easier to resolve, not to mention, live through. A positive outlook on a positive situation can only enhance the outcome by 150% at least. Both situations end up with a much better ‘MOVE FORWARD WITH A SMILE OF CONTENTMENT’ outlook on Life.

Which leads me to the next paragraph “LAUGHTER”. This, I believe, is the Cream on Top of the whole recipe to Good Health; the essential ingredient that sits up high oozing down through all the above, flavouring, sweetening and softening all to a totally, healthy blissful life!

Laughter is the medicine that makes a healing power totally possible. The old saying ‘It takes more effort to Smile than to Frown’ only enhances the fact that a wiser person is a happier person. If you have the energy and willpower to smile and laugh through the most difficult and life stretching moments, you have the very recipe for great wisdom, strength, positive ingenuity, and a total understanding of the meaning of LOVE, LIFE & LAUGHTER!

Take all of the above and gulp it, swallow it and completely digest it into a healty love and life stream, which will only result in complete satisfaction of your heart. Try the Special Recipe of Life – it really does work!

It’s Up to Parents to Curb Childhood Obesity

Parents of overweight children are well aware of how frustrating the problem can be.  They quickly realize that no matter what they do at home to help their children lose weight, those efforts can quickly be thwarted as soon as your child leaves the house and is exposed to the various external pressures that are beyond their control.

As soon as children begin attending school, they enter that system and daily routine that takes up many years of their lives.  Things are not the same at schools as they were when these children’s parents were in school.  There is far less time spend on physical education and recess time has shrunk as more and more requirements have been added to academic curriculum.  When I was growing up, physical education classes (P.E) took place at three times a week and lasted for an hour to two hours.  Additionally, we had a couple of 30 minute recesses every day.  Today, P.E. is a once or twice a week activity, and frequently only lasts 20-30 minutes.

Combine this lack of physical activity with a poor diet, which is common at most school cafeterias, and the fact that childhood obesity numbers continue to grow should come as no surprise.  Most cafeteria food has minimal nutritional value and is high in bad, refined carbohydrates.  The healty foods that are available (salads, for example) are not the kind of things that many kids opt for, and even though some meals include fruits and veggies, it often isn’t “cool” to eat them.

As easy as it may be to point the finger at schools, the truth is that they have been limited by decreasing budgets and stricter academic requirements.  The bottom line is that it is up to the parents of these children to fight the problem – either on their own or with the help of something like a weight loss camp.

At a weight loss camp for kids, children learn how to choose healthy foods for their diet.  They learn fun ways to exercise and get active.  They also learn about the potential negative health consequences associated with being overweight – things like heart disease, diabetes, and so on.

While weight loss camps can be perfect in many cases, it is also important that parents do what they can at home.  Parents need to ensure that the food they serve their children is healthy and that they provide opportunities for their children to exercise.  Encouragement is also important, as kids that have developed bad habits over the course of many years will be unlikely to make an instantaneous switch.

While parents can’t control everything that goes on away from home in their child’s life, they can control some things.  Taking the steps to educate themselves about healthy living habits for youth and considering weight loss camps are great ways to get started.  I doubt many of us work for employers who serve us square meals every day and provide planned physical activities for us, so it is imperative that parents establish healthy living habits in their children today.

Every Other Day Diet Reviewed

What is The Every Other Day Diet (EODD)

The Every Other Day Diet is a complete and very comprehensive diet plan. More of a long term eating plan really. It encourages steady long term weight loss of 2lbs a week and a permanent change in eating habits. It is based on sound nutritional and scientific ideas. It is simple to follow and does not need any calorie counting, weighing or measuring. It has a psychological input where you are encouraged to think about and change your attitude to food and to your body. It allows you to eat all your favourite foods on ‘feed’ days which curbs cravings and stop that feeling of diet deprivation. The program uses the SNAPP eating plan which I explain later.

What Do You Get for Your Money?

The Every Other Day Diet is great value for money in my opinion. Alongside the 119 page Handbook and 120 page ‘Radical Fat Loss Blueprint’ you also get five other free bonus books – Perfect Posture, Cholesterol Lies, Hormones 101, Skinny Mini Meals, Female Power, and No Struggle Plan and audio interviews with Kelli Calabrese – personal trainer of the year.

The book is divided into:-

1. Introduction – which covers the topic of ‘useless supplements’, what to expect and the benefits of the program such as increased energy, ease of preparation, all foods are available and accelerated ‘on going’ fat loss.
2. Chapter one covers the history of fat.
3. Chapter two exposes the myths and lies of the diet industry.
4. Chapter three shows us the keys to fat burning.
5. Chapter four explains the building blocks of the EODD.
6. Chapter five explains the SNAPP system of eating.
7. Chapter six covers the five plans: the primer plan, lifestyle phase one, lifestyle phase two, extreme plan and ultimate plan.
8. The conclusion brings it all together.

120 page ‘Radical Fat Loss Blueprint’ gives you the option for a faster weight loss plan if you want to speed things along with more exercise. Once you sign up you get all masses of nutritional advice, tips, recipes and special offers and support from Jon Benson himself.

Who Is It For?

The Every Other Day Diet is for people who want and effective long term diet or eating plan. The author calls it a “lifestyle solution” which “delivers consistent results…” I would agree whole heartedly having tried the diet myself. It re-educates your eating habits which means the effects of this diet plan will be long lasting. It is for people who like to understand the principles behind things and think about what they are doing. You can do as much or as little cooking as you like. There are delicious recipes to follow if you enjoy cooking. Shopping is easy with no special foods required. It suited me as it included exercise which is the best way to keep your metabolism high, spirits up and shape up too. It used the 9-2-5 exercise protocol where you complete 9 minutes in the morning, 2 in the afternoon and five in the evening. Simple, quick and effective.

How Does It Work?

The basic principle of the diet every other day plan is that you alternate ‘feed’ days where you eat more regular food with ‘burn’ days where you eat less. This means that the overall calories you eat balance out so that over the week you eat less than you need and so lose weight. Also your metabolism doesn’t get used to surviving on less and so slow right down. The every other day diet plan is NOT a quick weight loss diet, there are better quick weight loss diets on the market. But if you want to diet healty and maintain your weight, the Every Other Day Diet is the best diets for weight loss I have found.

This was a problem I had when I was trying to lose weight. I got to the stage where I was eating practically nothing and exercising like a maniac but still not losing. That was until a trainer at my gym suggested I eat MORE as my metabolism had effectively shut down! The foods you get to choose from are wide and varied. For example, chicken, turkey, lean beef, shell fish, all fruit and veg, wholegrain breads, bagels, rice, oats, beans and lentils, cottage cheese, nuts. You can use butter and oils sparingly, and non fat milk products too.
What is SNAPP?

SNAPP stands for Shake, Nuts, Apples, Protein and Produce.

Basically, this is what you need to eat on a SNAPP or ‘burn’ day. The portions depend on your height etc. It is all clearly explained in the book. A delicious shake made from the recipe sections such as a pineapple and banana energizer, nuts and up to three apples, a dish containing protein with unlimited salad and vegetables, berries for desert, chopped produce i.e vegetables such as celery and peppers. A glass of wine with dinner is permitted if you want one. On ‘feed’ days you eat all the food from the SNAPP days and can add a meal from the feed meals in the recipe section or add you own choice of foods. Not too much Pizza and Ice-cream though! Just enough to not feel deprived!

Pros and Cons

If you need a quick lose weight diet regime for a special event say, this is not the way to approach things. There are quicker acting diets for the short term on the market. There is a lot to read-if you want to understand the principles behind the diet although you don’t need to of course! It will be just as effective anyway.

This a great value for money program which works if you want long term permanent weight loss. I felt energized throughout and I liked the exercise component. It is easy to use, prepare, uses everyday foods and I found that once I got the hang of it I did things automatically, like taking my apples and nuts with me! The program can’t fail to work if you follow it.

Ashton Fields writes for Market Checker UK Market Cheskcer searches the market for the latest information, tips and advice on health and fat loss diets.

10 Tips to Lower Blood Pressure (Part Two)

Tip no6. Lemon balm tea is sure to strengthen your heart by lowering blood pressure. Just have some cups of it daily or simply add its fresh leaves to whatever food or drink you are having. Try adding such leaves in your wine and better still in your salads.

Tip no7. Being in the standards of the BMI (body mass index) really helps control the blood pressure. This means that an obese person getting fat is increasing the risk of having high blood pressure, but also that an underweight person gaining healthy weight is actually diminishing his chances of a heart stroke. Even if it does seem to be an elementary concern, take this advice into consideration: do keep a closer look on your body mass!

Tip no8. Alcohol will usually determine an augmentation of the blood pressure. Alcohol abuse is therefor out of question for those interested in a healty circulatory system. A man should stay between normal standards of drinks per day, that is to say 12 servings of beer, or 5 glasses of whine or only one glass of a high alcohol drink. As for ladies or lighter weighing persons, they should stick to drinking at most one of these measures per day.

Tip no9. You also have to work out more in order to control your blood pressure. Consider taking a nice walk of about half an hour every day, or choose to swim or run. Outdoor activities will strengthen your heart up and exercise will lower your blood pressure.

Tip no10. This last tip is a basic common sense rule that still tends to be neglected: Always keep a balanced diet! People oversee this on many occasions, be it by force of events or simply out of carelessness. Consider missing meals for example: this determines increased apetite and eventually leads to overeating or consuming junk food. Meals should be balanced, never with too much of some nutriments. For example, when eating something with lots of fats, combine it with something else, less rich in fats. It’s as simple as that. You know, it’s not true what they say that you are what you eat, but it’s a proven fact that what you eat makes up for much of your health and your well or, not so well being.

The Amazing Health Benefits of Wine

Wine is one of the most popular beverages in the world. Each country in the world has its own way of making wine. It is an important drink during celebrations, events, rituals and celebrations throughout the world. Most health conscious people take wine for better digestion.

Because of the taste and alcohol that is present in wine, many people like to drink wine. This is actually good. Beneficial effects of wine can be favorably gained through slight or moderate consumption.

The healthful effects of wine are a subject of debate and great study. In the US, there is a significant increase of the sales in red wine. This was initiated from health news reports coming from France.

The French reports stated that there is a lesser incidence of coronary heart disease in France than in USA. This was quite surprising for US dieticians considering that the traditional French diet has high amounts of saturated fat. Experts suggested that this could be due to the significant consumption of wine by the French.

Studies, though, have shown a J curve association between wine consumption and heart disease. This means that heavy drinkers and those who never drink wine have higher chances of having heart diseases. However, slight drinkers have a less risk. Moderation is always the key to good health.

Another healthful effect of wine that is being theorized is that moderate consumption of wine can improve a person’s resistance to cancer. This is especially true for red wines. There is evidence that red wine contains a lot of polyphenols that are responsible for cancer prevention.

Many researchers have observed that a chemical called resveratrol is responsible for the healty effect of red wine. This chemical is naturally produced by grape skin in reaction to fungal infection during fermentation. White wine, though, has less resveratrol because of the absence of grape skin during fermentation. Resveratrol is both cardio-protective and chemo-protective, as shown in animal studies. Aside from this chemical, red wine also contains antioxidants and flavonoids.

Red wines from southwest France and Sardinia, Italy have high levels of the compound procyanidin.. Procyanidin helps suppress the production of a peptide called endothelin-1 which is responsible for constricting blood vessels.

If too much wine is drunk, however, the consumption of alcohol can have adverse effects. That is why people are always cautioned to drink wine in moderation.

Celebrate Mother Nature

Mother Nature provides us with so many splendors. She supplies us with life, beauty, nutrients and sustenance to blossom. For instance, trees blooming in spring are phenomenal sights, the sun setting on the horizon will render one speechless, skin that radiates inner peace & happiness is beyond beautiful.

We need to celebrate what is given to us naturally. We are exceptional individuals that are equally unique. That is a gift from the “Mother”; we should value our blessings and not abuse them. Our Creator provided us everything that we needed to survive on earth. Now, I am sure we have all heard this time and time again and why should this time be any different? Well, if you think about it from a logical position it is the only reply that makes sense. So, today let’s say, “thank you” and I will do my best to care for what I have been given!

Today, there are so many beauty/body products on the market that contain harsh chemicals that cause deliberate damage to our skin, hair and nails. It is time that “we” as consumers know what we are spending our hard earned dollars on. But, more importantly, it is imperative that we know what we are being sold (learn how to read ingredient labels). Most consumers don’t realize that their skin is the largest organ and that approx. 60% of what we put on our hair, skin and nails is absorbed into our system. Our skin needs to be cared for like your heart, kidney’s, liver and other vital organs. See, without skin we can’t live! Let your skin thrive and use products that are exceptional for your skin. After all, you deserve it!